What the fuck, Windows

Recently at work (writing this on the 18th of january 2017), I ran into a strange problem concerning Windows10's file explorer. I had sent a regular html file to a colleague, who would make some simple adjustments to it and send it to a customer.
She, while not a programmer, is still more tech-savvy than your average joe, and I had already explained to her how she could edit the file, so I was a little confused when she called for help.

Her problem was not the editing (which she did with the standard notepad coming with windows),
no, she simply couldn't save the file. Not an error on her part though - windows simply wouldn't let her, because the file was still in use by some other program.
We closed chrome (which usually doesn't cause that kind of blockage), to make sure it wasn't its fault.
Yep, still the same error.

Then while trying again, we actually read the error description - it was the windows explorer who was causing the issue. But how? How could a regular windows user delete a file, without selecting it in the file explorer? They're not just gonna stumble across the command line and magically figure out how to delete the file without the explorer.

So, what was the problem then?

Well, as it turns out, having the preview pane turned on, would prevent you from deleting the currently selected file, because it was obviously still in use.
Now I could jump to some conclusion that windows is shit - but it isn't. At least not for having bugs like these. There's a lot more that annoys me to no end, like the general disrespect for privacy, but if I were going to start rambling about that, I wouldn't finish until the sun went out.