Cave Bird

The title screen of 'Cave Bird'

Okay, so this game was previously called "the sparrow effect" but that sounded a bit too theatrical for my taste, so I'm going with something... simpler.
The gameplay should be pretty self-explanatory - get to the surface!
There's only one button to press, which is the spacebar (or left mouse button, whichever you prefer)

A Bird flying through a cave, in a simple, cartoonish style


Windows version
APK file for Android
Love file (also the Linux version, because packaging is a bitch)

Notes on the Linux version:

To play the linux version, you'll need to have Löve installed.
For Ubuntu/Debian and derivatives have a look at Löve's official website: On Arch linux (also includes Manjaro), just install it with "sudo pacman -S love"
On Void linux, just install it with "sudo xbps-install -S love"
On Fedora derivatives, use the dnf command to install löve. If your system doesn't understand what to open the file with, after installing Löve, just start the game from the terminal, with "love"