Drugs'R Us!

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difficulty: 1
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Thanks to Clemmy_Leya for coming up with many ideas for the game - especially the specials and their execution, as well as a lot of help with testing and finetuning. And lastly, and most importantly, for all her patience in putting up with my shenanigans.

Aldous, I told you you'd be mentioned in the credits - thanks for the feedback, fucker :D
Thanks for the testing ;)

A huge thanks goes out to the open source community as well - I couldn't have made this game without:
So many tools I've used go unappreciated, because I barely even think about using them - simply because I constantly use them, for example Arch linux and their amazing package repository, or well, the AUR.

I did the art, programming and music myself - the gameplay/mechanics are directly taken (and badly copied) from Nintendo's classic Dr.Mario though.
Music volume: 100
Sound volume: 100