The sparrow effect

Press spacebar to control the bird - you'll get the hang of it pretty quickly, I promise. A bit mor in detail: Press spacebar to steer up, and release it to steer down - if you crash into anything, you'll plummet to the ground and you'll be able to either hop around by pressing spacebar, or to turn around with left ctrl. (Unless you hit some spikes or fall out of the world, then you'll be reset to the last checkpoint.
Manually reset with r.
Quickly double-press spacebar to get back up into the air.
If you ever want to land, just quickly double-press left ctrl.


Windows version
Mac version
Linux version

To play the linux version, you'll need to have Löve installed.
For ubuntu have a look at Löve's official website: On Arch linux, just install it with "sudo pacman -S love"
If your system doesn't understand what to open the file with, after installing Löve, just start the game from the terminal, with "love"