Learning C

So I'm trying to learn C, and haven't yet had much success with it.
In fact, I haven't even got a minimal setup running yet, because I'm mixing up a lot of different compilers and environments.

My minimal requirements for starting with C are:


I want to develop for multiple platforms because you can't ignore windows, and I won't even have anyone to test if I don't build for windows as well.
I need to learn it with visual libraries because otherwise I will grow bored and frustrated really soon. So far I'm thinking of using cairo, since I'm already familiar with most of the paradigms used from using the canvas tag for the web.

So, what are you using?

for example, for building a static version of cairo, I'm following this tutorial.

What I've learned so far

I don't even know what kind of stuff I've yet to learn, since I haven't even started with most of the language itself yet. I'm new to strong typing, manual memory allocation/management and a whole lot of other concepts, I've never heard of by now.
Oh god, there's still one hell of a long way to go.
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