Learning C - Part 2

After messing around with C and some beginner tutorials for it, as well as switching my development environment to Arch Linux on a used Laptop, I've arrived at the following setup for my messing about with the language:

Current setup:

Right now, I'll learn the basics of openGL with glfw
(not to be confused with gfwl, which I only put up with to play dark souls, back in the day)
I will also use glfw for keyboard/controller event-handling.
I was lucky to find a simple enough example to start from on nullprogram.com, which I think is a good place to start. The author even kindly put his example program on github, so it's just a git clone away. He even included Makefiles for the Three major platforms (Linux,Win and Mac).
But then again, if you're interested, it's best if you read the article by yourself. The reason why I chose a rather old laptop, comes down to three points:

At times I regret the decision to stick to plain C, as most examples found online are in C++, but I still believe It's the right thing to do in the long run. Well, hope may be a better term, but I'm a stubborn bastard.

Here's the setup I experimented with on windows:
Part 1